Rick Ross Taught Me About Manifestation

Rick Ross Manifestation

I probably first heard the term “manifestation” back when The Secret started poppin off as a best-seller and everyone’s moms all a sudden thought they could just sit on the couch and daydream bout millions of dollars and it would magically enter their bank accounts.

As someone who’s been hustling my ass off since age 11 just to survive, this concept seemed entitled and annoyed me. Every time someone recommended I read the book or watch the movie, I just rolled my eyes and kept it movin.

The truth is, since I was a little girl I had been using half-assed visualization and manifestation techniques that came to me instinctively, to get myself as far as I had gotten already.

It wasn’t until I heard about an interview where Rick Ross (someone I related to a lot more than suburban moms) advised someone to “Spend money like you’re gonna make more” -- that I consciously started relating to the concept of manifestation.    

 At first I laughed, it sounded so excessive and ridiculous...but surely Rick Ross knew a lil somethin more than I did bout building wealth from nothing so maybe he was onto something. This phrase really struck me and stuck with me; creating a ripple effect I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I was living in Brooklyn and starving trying to get my freelance makeup career off the ground. I was forever trying to scrape together expensive ass NY rent while shooting with everyone I could and making anywhere from $0-50 per 12 hour day on average. I’d get a little chunka change and hold onto it as tightly as I could, often forgoing meals because I never knew how/when/where the next chunk was coming from.

My boyfriend and I at the time were so tired of this. So we just started saying “Rick Ross!” and going to the grocery store and getting whatever we needed...and sure enough, somehow another job would pop up just in the nick of time, and we always managed to get by.

This was my introduction to money as simply an energy. A concept I am still working with and understanding more and more as time unfolds.

I truly believe that God/Universe/Highest Self wants us to be ok. I’ve learned that clinging tightly and not putting yourself first never creates abundance. I believe in having as much faith as humanly possible while moving your energy in the RIGHT direction. And above all, being a good person and BELIEVING that you deserve everything that serves your higher purpose.

Dream it, believe in it, live it, be it.

I believe in manifestation, visualization, abundance energy and yes, now I really really fuck with ‘The Secret’ -- thanks to Rozay.

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  • Beautiful!! Yes! So true! Love this!!

    • Kayla
  • Yassss! I love this story! I’m going to start saying “Rick Ross” !!

    • Morgan