Introduction to Mental Mastery

If you want to take control of your life, you have to take control of your thoughts.

  • Learn to be less reactive to the things that happen to you -- bad shit happens, that’s life. You don’t have to fall apart every time. Take the L & keep moving. Don't attach one bad incident to all the other bad things that ever happened to's that false narrative that overwhelms you and makes you lose control.
  • Constantly talk yourself out of self-defeating thoughts — don’t even allow yourself to think them! Negative self-talk serves absolutely zero purpose. 
  • Program your own mind with affirmations, motivational speeches, audio mental programming, guided meditations & podcasts from people you admire.
  • Change the story you tell yourself ABOUT yourself. The next time you’re spiraling, listen closely to the story you tell’s often one you’ve been repeating to yourself your whole life based on your biggest issues/insecurities & chances are that by this point in your life, the story you tell yourself is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. When you get to the point where you recognize WHAT your negative story is, you can start changing it.

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